4 Reasons Buying A Home In 2015 Will Be Easier

Buying A Home In 2015

Housing economists and would-be homebuyers are finding reasons for optimism as 2015 nears. To be fair, the bar’s set pretty low after a tough year for housing. However, there are some genuinely encouraging signs that next year will be better for prospective buyers. Economic recovery and an improving job market will go a long way to boosting affordability for buyers in many markets. Here’s a look at four reasons why the upcoming year might be a difference-maker for would-be homebuyers. 1. Looser Mortgage Credit After years of hyper-cautious lending, more mortgage lenders are starting to relax credit and underwriting requirements, …

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Sol Scott Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Sol Scott 954-551-5780 solscott22@gmail.com  Let ME manage your Listings Marketing & Social Media, so YOU can focus on generating leads & closing deals!As a Real Estate Marketing Specialist with over 10 years of experience in the industry, I can manage the “in-between” needs for your listings including marketing, social media, client communication and reporting. The primary focus of a Realtor® must be lead generation and closing transactions. Everything in between is also essential to keep those leads coming and those transactions closing; however, time is money, but time is not always available for the follow-up, management of processes, marketing, technology …

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