Three Things You Must Do to Master E-mail Personalization

As consumers have come to expect regular communication from brands, they’re looking for information, not promotion. Experts weigh in on how to personalize e-mails to make sure your message is heard.​ E-mail is the leading advertising channel for return on investment, according to VentureBeat. This is good news for marketers, as e-mail is a relatively low-cost way to reach large audiences, but the platform won’t perform without personalization. By definition, personalization can be as simple as directly addressing a recipient by name, but experts say that this tactic creates indifference among recipients of e-mail marketing and can easily become problematic if its …

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4 Reasons Buying A Home In 2015 Will Be Easier

Buying A Home In 2015

Housing economists and would-be homebuyers are finding reasons for optimism as 2015 nears. To be fair, the bar’s set pretty low after a tough year for housing. However, there are some genuinely encouraging signs that next year will be better for prospective buyers. Economic recovery and an improving job market will go a long way to boosting affordability for buyers in many markets. Here’s a look at four reasons why the upcoming year might be a difference-maker for would-be homebuyers. 1. Looser Mortgage Credit After years of hyper-cautious lending, more mortgage lenders are starting to relax credit and underwriting requirements, …

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